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If we won’t eat it ourselves, we won’t sell it.


Do you or your loved one have food sensitivities, lactose intolerance or allergies to cow's milk? Or maybe you have a nursing child and you need a substitute for breast milk that isn't filled with harmful ingredients like artificial colors and flavoring, preservatives, soy, genetically modified organisms (GMOs), heavy metals and refined sugars (if you can even find it in the store at all)?


We know how challenging it is to navigate the confusing and intentionally deceptive labeling found on most food products found on shelves today. Big corporations know that people are looking for more natural, nourishing foods with little to no processing and want you to believe that they are providing it. You know better. That's why you're here. Congratulations on being proactive with the health of you and your family!


Our pasture raised, organically fed goats provide lots of nutritious milk. So much that we can’t drink it all ourselves. So, our problem becomes your solution! Sign up for a herd share and relax knowing that you will have fresh, nutritious raw milk delivered to you every week.  


There's a critical shortage of baby formula affecting the nation right now. Did you know goat's milk is the closest natural substitute for human breast milk? Did you know it is filled with gut-healthy pre- and probiotics that strengthen your immune system and help your body build natural antibody defense systems to fight off disease? The best part is that it tastes delicious while providing all those benefits!


We have done meticulous hours of research trying to source the very best animals and the best organic feed and supplements for them because we are our first customer, and our most demanding of quality! We drink the same raw milk we provide to our herd share members and take care to provide the excellence we all deserve. That goes for our goats, too. Happy, healthy goats provide high quality milk.


How do you get started?  Request the herd share agreement, choose the amount of shares you want, and start enjoying the health benefits of fresh, organic raw goat's milk


Don’t wait! The amount of herd shares available are limited and once they are filled, you’ll have to be put on the waiting list. Don’t miss your chance to improve your health in one of the easiest ways possible: switching to raw goat’s milk from Buck Moon Farm!


Organic chicken eggs are available through Knox Farms2Families CSA. Organic Guinea eggs are available upon request.

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Tuesday, September 26, 2023