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Guernsey Goat Breeders

First, we meet our high standards. Then, we offer them to you.

Are you looking to add new breeding stock to your herd but can’t find any near you that are available? Or maybe you are confused about how to read the pedigrees to know where in the breed up program any potential offspring would land? Perhaps you have dealt with breeders who didn’t answer your questions or failed to provide pertinent information to help you make an informed choice of animal.

Golden Guernsey, British Guernsey, American Guernsey, BG, HB2, HB1, breed up, foundation book, herd book, British section, BGS, breed standard...whew! There's a lot to navigate! Breeding Guernsey goats can be a confusing process, and the limited stock in the US doesn’t help. It’s important to find a breeder you are comfortable with; one who answers your questions and works with you to find a good fit for your herd.

We at Buck Moon Farm would prefer to make a lasting relationship with other breeders, working together to improve genetics by culling out animals that don’t meet breed standards, finding the best fit from our available stock with your herd, and mentoring and educating, both before and after you buy one of our happy, healthy goats. We health test annually to verify and maintain a healthy herd, and all of our animals are registered with the British Goat Society (BGS) unless specifically stated otherwise. We strive to be the go-to Guernsey goat breeders in the eastern Tennessee/Knoxville TN and surrounding areas. 

You can rest assured that if you purchase one of our goats, you won’t be left wondering what its health history is, or whether the milk is safe to drink due to a surfeit of chemical de-wormers, antibiotics and other pharmaceutical treatments. We employ a combination of methods to combat health issues naturally, including rotational grazing, probiotics, organic feed, lespedeza pellets and forage, kelp, sulfur, Diatomaceous Earth, Himalayan salt licks, and baking soda. We send our goats off with fresh hoof trims, copper bolus and nutritional supplementation to bolster their immune system against the stress of relocation. We handle the pedigree transfer paperwork as part of the sale and that is included in the price.

There are some fantastic Guernsey breeders here in the U.S., and there are also some not so fantastic ones. We prefer to be a part of the first group, and to follow the example of the best breeders we have had the pleasure of working with.

Look through the animals available for sale, request pedigrees or a complimentary pedigree comparison to your existing stock for bloodline conflicts and/or what pedigree level the pairings would produce in a breed up program, buy with confidence knowing that in addition to the animal, you will receive continued mentoring/support from experienced breeders with experience in large animal veterinary services.

Quality Guernsey breeding stock is in high demand. Reach out to us today to add one of our beautiful animals to your herd!

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Wednesday, June 7, 2023