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Raw Milk Herd Shares

Starting in the spring, and on into the autumn months, our wonderful herd of dairy goats produces an abundance of milk; more milk than we can consume, even though we make a lot of it into various cheeses and soaps. Unfortunately, since we are too small to afford becoming a commercial dairy, we can't legally sell our milk either wholesale or resale. We can’t even legally give it away to friends or neighbors!

However, in the state of Tennessee, it is legal to sell raw milk herd shares. This means that you buy a share (or shares, depending on how much milk you want) of our goat herd, and then we give you the milk that your share produces. Each share is the equivalent of a half-gallon of milk per week during the periods the goats are in milk.

A herd share, like other community supported agriculture (CSAs), is one of the best ways you can support your local farmers. It guarantees that you will be able to get milk each week and assures us that we will have a market for our milk.

There is a common misconception that by buying a herd share you are buying milk and that you shouldn't have to pay a monthly fee in the months the the goats aren't producing milk. The monthly fee isn't for the milk; it's to maintain the herd. It's an understandable mistake, but an easy way to rethink it is this: If you bought a goat and kept it at your home, would you only feed it and care for it in the months it produces milk? The maintenance of the herd is year round. Your herd share purchase helps maintain the herd and guarantee you will have milk in the months it is available.

Our A2 raw milk is delicious and mild (no "goaty" flavor) and tastes like high quality cow’s milk. Some people who have trouble digesting pasteurized, homogenized cow's milk find that they can enjoy raw goat’s milk with no negative side effects. Raw milk makes excellent cheese and yogurt. It is also the closest natural alternative to human breast milk. Plus, by purchasing a herd share from our farm, you are helping to provide a home for our healthy, happy goats and not supporting giant mega-dairies.

With the addition of our registered Guernsey cow last year, we will now also be able to offer raw milk cow shares! If you would like to be added to our cow milk herd share waiting list, please email us through the same contact link. If you aren't sure which type of milk you'd prefer, contact us and we can discuss the pros and cons and get you the best fit for your needs. Whichever you choose, it will be a proactive step to a healthier lifestyle. 

2024 herd share reservations are being taken now.  When you're ready to sign up, click here to request a herd share agreement and save your place on the wait list. Once you receive your agreement via email, fill  it out, return it, and get ready to enjoy all the benefits of your first share of fresh goat milk!


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Organic chicken and duck eggs are available through Knox Farms2Families CSA. Organic Guinea eggs are available upon request.

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