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Nutritional Facts About Goat Milk

As consumers become more health-minded, they’re paying increasingly more attention to the ingredient and nutritional facts of the products they purchase—and put in their bodies. Thanks to organized educational efforts and mandatory nutritional food l


Why the A2 Protein Makes Goat Milk Such a Game Changer

As you may or may not already be aware, there are many different kinds of milk—from cows, goats, and sheep; and there’s also plant- and nut-based milk like almond, soy, rice, and hemp milk. One of our favorite things about goat milk is its uniquene


11 Amazing Health Benefits of Raw Goat Milk

(BeWellBuzz) Anthropologists, archaeologists and geneticists conjecture that dairy in the diet goes back as far as 7,500-8,000 years. A study examining “The Ancient Roots of Milk Consumption,” with a specific interest in lactose tolerance, identified