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Buck Moon Farm

Sustainable, ethical agriculture focused on rare and heritage breeds

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Customer Comments

We have been loving Buck Moon's goat's milk! The milk is so rich and delicious and comes in sealed jugs, which ensures you're getting a fresh product. Their goat's cheese is also definitely the best I have ever had.



We have been using goat's milk for my daughter ever since I ran out of my pumped breastmilk. We used it as a complement to our nursing sessions for our 1 year old. Goat's milk is the closest to breastmilk so we knew local goat's milk was the choice for us.

My daughter loves this milk and I would be lying if I said I didn't try it myself. It is rich, creamy, and delicious. Buck Moon Farm has been amazing to work with and we are so thankful for the opportunity to give our daughter goat's milk.

Lauren F.


I am very excited to have added British Guernsey goats from Buck Moon to my homestead! It's getting more difficult all the time to find naturally raised goats, which is why I was so happy to have come across Buck Moon Farm! It seems Buck Moon really wants to make sure everyone is started on the right hoof and more prepared for a good, productive life! I am very happy with my lovely goats. Thanks Buck Moon Farm!

Glorious Beginnings Farm


I am thrilled with the heritage breed American Buff geese from Buck Moon Farm! Already, I notice a significant difference in the hearty grazing instinct and friendliness they have compared to my African geese hatched at the same time.

I'd love to have a field full of this sweet breed! Glad we found them at a natural rearing farm, it makes quite a positive difference!

Staci B.


I have been using these soaps for about two months and I absolutely love them. They are hand made with organic ingredients by an amazing farm right here is the USA. They smell great and leave my hands so soft.

I have enjoyed them so much, I decided to order some for my whole office for holidays gifts!

Working directly with the farmer that actually makes the soaps has been a great experience. She took the time to go over my questions and provided exceptional service. I am telling all my friends about Buck Moon Farms!



The Buck Moon Farm soap is fantastic and I honestly don't know that I could ever go back to store bought soap again! I live in the desert and noticed softer skin just after the first use. This little handcrafted gem is going to be my winter go to! And let's talk about the fragrance! I used the Autumn Wreath and it is the perfect blend of spice. It lathered up easily, felt great and no residue. I cannot wait to see my skin after more uses. I'll be checking out their other scents soon!

Patty Cueva


I will say I am not a fan of goat milk soap but Buck Moon has changed my take on that. They have some of the best soap I have ever had. It lathers amazingly well, it smells great and I feel wonderful afterwards and all the ingredients are good not just some of them.

Marcie Yadon

Knox Farms2Families


I placed an order for several different scents and shapes. Will definitely be giving away some, in the tins, as presents. Such a great presentation! My favorite scent is the Green Tea and also love the Grapefruit Bergamot and Orange Vanilla.

I wash my hands a lot, and my hands are usually like sandpaper because of it, well this soap has been a lifesaver as my hands are back to normal in just a couple of weeks! Will definitely be ordering more!

Leigh Ann C.


We had an amazing experience purchasing our Guernsey Buck, Prospero, from Buck Moon Farm this past summer. They went out of their way to communicate with me the weeks leading up to us getting him, and even meet us half way when picking him up, which was a huge help! They made sure he had his hooves trimmed and ready for transport. We can attest that Buck Moon Farm produces healthy goats, and we can’t wait to breed him to our 2 Guernsey does. Prospero has been home months, and the farm still keeps in contact to see how he is doing, as well as offering goat wisdom and mentoring when I had some questions. Would absolutely get stock from them again in the future, and highly recommend!

Valerie Kirkland

Heritage Kirk Homestead, Florida


I have owned Guernsey goats for two years and I purchased a BG buck from Buck Moon Farm in February of this year. They perform health testing on their herd which all breeders do not. The owner is an excellent mentor answering any questions that I might have. It was a very pleasant experience buying a goat from them. In fact I’m on their list for next year for more goats.

Charlotte Flocker

Double F Ranch


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